Wednesday, March 11, 2015

There is Beauty in the the suffering

So I've tried this blog writing thing a few times.... I'm not very good at it. I am a much better blog follower/reader than I am a writer. But, my heart has been so heavy for a sweet lady on a blog I follow that I wanted to share....

A little less than a year ago I found myself searching the internet looking for people who were currently living with Metastatic breast cancer. See my sister in law had fought stage 3 breast cancer a few years prior but then had been diagnosed with Stage four metastatic breast cancer. It was overwhelming, confusing and there was so much uncertainty wrapped around that diagnosis. I wanted more information...what was it going to be like??? How could I help her? I came across this blog of Kara Tippets. I have never met her and yet I feel like I know her. She, like my sister in law, has 4 young children, a husband named Jason who is a pastor and Metastatic breast cancer. Quite interesting the commonalities. So I was drawn to her story. Her cancer had progressed quite quickly and she was honest about what she was going through and feeling.... I felt like it gave me this deep insight into how my sister in law might be feeling. I check her blog every morning. It helps me know how I can pray for her specifically. I have to be honest though, it is like I want to know how she is doing but then I don't. Sadly, Kara is now on hospice and does not have a lot of time left. My heart ACHES for her. I do not know how she feels and really can not imagine but as a mother I know all she wants is more time with her babies and husband.
I have spent time talking with my sister in law lately about how to live our lives more abundantly. This can be hard for me. I am a dreamer..... I like to think about where my family and I will be in 2, 5, 10 years. I don't think that is bad, but sometimes I find myself taking advantage of the here and now. Maybe missing out on the joys of TODAY. This is something Kara does so vibrantly. She is leaving behind such a legacy to her children. It is interesting how this sweet lady whom I've never met has touched me so deeply. I think of her daily, sometimes hourly. Life is not fair but like she often says "there is beauty in the suffering".
Here is a documentary Trailer about Kara. I would encourage you to watch it and maybe read some of her blog entries. Pray for her and her family. That they might have special, sweet and kind moments together.

I have a dear friend Jay Lyons, who is a producer that filmed our family for several days and put together this short trailer of our family. Watch and learn a new corner of our story.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Go Anteaters!!!

Reagan had her first soccer game today. She did great. We were so excited to see her running after the ball as we were a bit afraid she would be shy and just stand there. She even played goalie for a bit and did Awesome! She has two little girl friends on the team with her too which makes it extra fun! 

Friday, April 5, 2013


Poor little Kimber had a rough morning yesterday. She climbed up on the bar stools and touched the iron that was cooling on the counter She did a number on her fingers. I called the doctor and there isn't much we can do but to keep it clean and protect from infection. NO FUN!!! 

She was still pretty happy despite it all. What a lil' trooper! 

Can't they stay little???

It is really starting to hit me that in 5 short months life is going to be so different. I am so sad to think Reagan will be starting kindergarten and be going to school EVERY DAY!!! I wish I could just freeze time right now. I love having both girls and home and I know Kimber is going really miss having her best friend home with her. They spend most days dressing up like princesses and putting on dance shows. They like to play restaurant and color pictures to put on their "art wall". They love playing outside on their quads and chasing Buddy the cat  (lives next store). I really treasure these moments home with my babies!  
 Love my little girls


The Saturday before Easter we took the girls to a Easter egg hunt at church. Reagan got tons of candy and Kimber enjoyed helping the other kids fill their baskets. 

Tons and TONS of candy! 

Little buddies

Linda (my mother in law) made the girls Easter dresses this year. They turned out adorable!! Love them! 

Easter morning we let the girls open up their baskets before church. Reagan got some jewelry, and new horn for her bike  and Kimber got a bracelet and shoes. Kimber LOVES shoes! 

After church we went over to Than's brothers house for a Easter egg hunt with all the cousins. It has been a tradition now for years. The girls love it and Reagan has become quite good! Both the girls found eggs with money in it this year. 

We went to my parents house for a late lunch and another Easter egg hunt. Such a fun day celebrating our risen Savior! 

Kids Edition

A week before Easter Reagan had a Kids Edition performance at the mall to welcome the Easter bunny. Always fun to watch all the little girls in the cute outfits. 

Valentines Day!

Reagan was so excited for Valentines Day this year. They had a party at her preschool and daddy brought home roses for his two little princesses. What a great daddy!